About Us

Greetings from the Head

Growing demand of energy, water, food, and housing driven by the exploding world population and urbanization has caused serious environmental issues including global climate change and various kinds of disaster. Sustainability is becoming a top requirement for adopting any newly developed technologies, which needs to be in a way to minimize adverse impacts on the natural environment and at the same time keep the mankind ever more prosperous.

“A better environment, a better life” is the motto of the CUEEn and our dedicated commitment to the society. Meeting with critical need from the society, the School of

CUEEn(Civil, Urban, Earth, and Environmental Engineering)is designed to develop convergence technologies for preserving the natural environment and improving the quality and safety in our lives in the built environment. As a part of UNIST, a leading research-oriented university, we are dedicated to seriously take the challenges from our built and natural environments and address many important cross-cutting issues arising from them.

The Department of CUEEn provides one inter-disciplinary major of Urban and Environmental Engineering (UEE) for the undergraduate students, and three different programs on Environmental Science and Engineering (ESE), Urban Infrastructure Engineering (UIE), and Disaster Management Engineering (DME) for the graduate-level students.

Our discipline is based on the conventional engineering programs of the Earth Science, Environmental Engineering, Civil & Urban Engineering, and Risk Management, and our goal is to integrate and crystallize them.


Steve Jobs, the former Apple CEO, said “You’ve got to find what you love”. With no hesitation, I strongly recommend that the area of UEE is what you would love to indulge in. We are looking forward to seeing your active participation and valuable collaborations regarding the education and research activities of our school in the near future.


Thank you very much.


Oh, Jae Eun, Ph.D. Head, Dept. of Civil, Urban, Earth, and Environmental Engineering