Remote Sensing of Water Resources


Remote Sensing of Water Resources


Minha Choi

Dept. Civil and Environmental Engineering, Hanyang University



Accurate estimations of the hydro-meteorological variables are essential to understand basic mechanism of the interactions between the land surface and atmosphere. One of the most challenging research issues is spatio-temporal variation because the components are very sensitive in time and space. However, most of the knowledge for hydro-meteorology has been established based on the results from isolated or individual experiments or modeling systems. Here, we present some of examples how the hydro-meteorological variables including soil moisture and evapotranspiration can be estimated based on remote sensing techniques with few ground based measurements. With the remote sensing, the modeling systems are used to provide alternative understanding of the spatio-temporal patterns of hydro-meteorological variables. Each hydro-meteorological variable can be further used to estimate a number of hydrologic phenomena such as super typhoon, heavy rainfall, drought, and heavy snowfall.