[UG] 2019-1 Interdisciplinary Project


Students who are to graduate in 2019 1st semester should check out the attached below of Interdisciplinary Project.

Notice : 2019-1 Interdisciplinary Project

□ Qualification to apply
– Expected Graduates for August 2019
– Must be in their last semester before graduation in August 2019 (Includes early graduates)

□ How to apply
– Old curriculum: Portal Registration(1st track, 2nd track)+Course Registration(1st track, 2nd track)
– New curriculum: Only Portal Registration(1st track, 2nd track)

□ Process of Portal Registration
1. Think of the 1st track advisor and 2nd track advisor who want to be taught.
2. At the same time, think about what kind of task will proceed.
3. (Essential point)The 1st track advisor and 2nd track advisor shall be fully informed of the assignment.
4. Apply to the relevant professor on the portal registration.
* portal registration: portal→course taking→interdisciplinary project→apply for interdisciplinary project

□ Period of application
– Course Registration(Only old curriculum): 1.30(Wed), 08:00 ~ 2.1.(Fri), 18:00 and 2.25.(Mon), 08:00 ~ 3.1.(Fri), 18:00
– Portal Registration(old curriculum+new curriculum): 1.30(Wed), 08:00 ~ 3.1.(Fri), 18:00

□ Procedure of interdisciplinary project
– Application and progress → Result output → Evaluation → Grade recognition