[Technology transfer] Prof. Jae-Eun Oh, Graduate Student Dongho Jeon


In September, the laboratory of professor Oh, Jae-eun has transferred two technologies (fly ash-based cement binder manufacturing technologies) to HawooECM Co., Ltd. It was a contract to receive 100 million won of technology transfer fee as well as 1.5% of the total revenue generated from the transfer. The main character of the technology transfer is Dongho Jeon graduate student of the urban environment engineering department and Oh Jae Eun who is his advising professor.
The transferred technology is a technique for manufacturing high strength construction binders using fly ash, which is an industrial by-product of a thermal power plant. Using this technology, HawooECM Co., Ltd. will manufacture lightweight aggregate and sell it to local concrete makers and construction material companies. Lightweight aggregate, which is the final product, is an essential material for the production of lightweight concrete. However, existing lightweight aggregate has a disadvantage in that it has weak strength although it has lightweightness. However, the newly developed lightweight aggregate has strong strength as well as lightweightness, and it can improve the strength of lightweight concrete. Lightweight concrete be used as insulation concrete, sound absorption concrete, and reduction of earthquake load in a field of civil engineering.
Dongho Jeon said, “I am pleased that a technology that has been developed in the laboratory could reborn to help the industry and the environment. I would like to continue to research practical technology that contributes to the construction field while reducing environmental pollution.”

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