ISEE Fellowship Program


School of UEE notifies you of ISEE Fellowship program as below.

* ISEE (Interdisciplinary Studies of Earth and Environment) Fellowship Program
– ISEE Fellowship Program provides excellent UNIST Freshmen dreaming of studying Earth and Environmental Sciences
with a 1:1 guiding interdisciplinary program and an opportunity to getting into the graduate school eventually.

1. Qualification : Enrolled UNIST Freshmen as of April, 2019

2. Application
– Via email to
– Application form : Check out the attached below

3. Application period : 2019.04.10.(Wed) ~2019.05.10.(Fri)
* Candidates will be noticed individually after the 1st screening around the middle of May

4. Benefits
– 1:1 professor mentoring by professors -all time private guidance to the study and overall school life
– Monthly stipend
– Opportunities of UEE lab tour and field trip to some domestic/international research institutes
– Priority in UEE research internship (in 3rd, 4th year)
– Opportunities for excellent students to participate in and present at some domestic/international conferences

5. Professors
– Sarah Kang, Yongwon Seo, Chang-Keun Song, Myong-In Lee, Changsoo Lee, Jungho Im, Kyunghwa Cho, Dong-Hyun Cha, Sung-Deuk Choi

6. UEE homepage :