[G] Course Registration/Change/Drop for 2019-1st Semester


* Course Browsing: Jan. 14(Mon)~

* Course Registration: Feb.14(Thu), 9:00 ~ Feb.15(Fri), 18:00

* Course Change & Confirmation: Feb.25(Mon), 8:00 ~ Mar.1(Fri), 18:00

* Course Drop: Mar.4(Mon), 09:00~ Mar.22(Fri), 18:00

* Matters to be attended to

1. All graduate students should submit ‘Confirmation of course registration’ with the advisor’s sign on it to their department offices before the course change & confirmation period ends(~Mar.1(Fri)).

(Maximum six credits will be recognized as graduation credits for four hundred unit course only.)

2. Students are allowed to register for only one research course of their own degree program per a semester.

(Master’s program: master’s research, Doctoral program: doctoral research, Combined master’s-doctoral program: master’s research course or doctoral research)

3. When graduate students register for undergraduate courses, it is required to write and submit ‘Application for Course Registration’ to the office of Department

4. Also if you register for courses of Graduate School of Creative Design Engineering, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Management or Graduate School of Technology and Innovation Management, it will be not recognized as credits for graduation. So please do not register for those courses.

(Courses start with ECT, BAT, TIM are not allowed, but MGT, MGE are allowed)