Smart City Fellowship Program


School of UEE (Urban and Environmental Engineering) notifies you of Smart City Fellowship Program as below.

* Smart City Fellowship Program : The program provides excellent UNIST Freshmen dreaming of studying smart and future cities with scholarship and mentoring opportunity.

1. Qualification : Enrolled UNIST Freshmen as of April, 2019

2. Application
– Via email to or visit UEE office (Bldg.110, Room.901-12)
– Application Form : Find the attached below.

3. Application period : ~2019.05.03.(Fri) 6 p.m.

4. Benefits
– 1:1 mentoring by professors
– Monthly stipend
– Opportunities of major exploration
– Priority in UEE research internship
– Opportunities of participation in conferences

5. Professors
– Myoungsu Shin, Ji-bum Chung, Gi-Hyoug Cho, Jae Eun Oh, Sung-Han Sim, Young Joo Lee, Jeongseob Kim, Byungmin Kim, Sukhoon Pyo, Marco Torbol